Monday, November 3, 2014

Significant Events

It's an anniversary of sorts for us. Four years ago today we took this photo on the site of what was going to be Sustainable Archaeology: Western. London hydro were on site to re-route those hydro lines you see in the photo, formally kicking off the long-awaited and anticipated construction phase of the project. It took ten months for the building to go up, but we were ensconced at our new desks by the following September.

October 2014 was a time of significant change for us, as we welcomed two new staff members, Alex and Katie, and said goodbye to one of our long-term staff members, Kira. We also welcomed one new work study student, Kayley, to our ranks. Our Videoconferencing Station is now set up and we are able to collaborate with colleagues, share images and presentations anywhere in the world.Next month we look forward to using the station as part of the first meeting of the SA Advisory Board.

Last Friday marked another significant date on the SA calendar. October 31 marked the formal end of the 5 year CFI/ORF grant for Sustainable Archaeology. With only a few equipment purchases left, which are already in the works, the project is now supported by operating funds - we have officially been pushed out of the nest!