Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Out with the old

Here's one last look at what was once a storage room on the west side of the Museum of Ontario Archaeology before it is transformed into the access hallway between the two facilities. On the other side of that insulated wall is the hallway that will access the Sustainable Archaeology research laboratories. Crews have started to take down the ceiling tiles and fixtures. Next week they'll take down the walls and prepare the access ramp.

In other news, we've received the last of our field equipment orders. We now have a brand new ground penetrating radar, a magnetic gradiometer and a resistivity meter ready for field season to begin. We are in the process of selecting a box vendor and a radio frequency identification tagging system. And we are fielding proposals for a microCT and digital x-ray scanner for the Ancient Images laboratory. We are also working with a Database Developer to design the digital relational database and are making arrangements for consultations with interested user-groups.

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