Monday, June 18, 2012

MicroCT Proof of Concept Testing

 Our Lab Tech Zoe has been putting the MicroCT through its paces, performing proof of concept tests on different types of objects to determine scanning protocols for the Ancient Images Lab. Here, she works on the reconstruction computer - on the left screen is a scan of a pillbug that in actual size is about as big as a human finger nail. This test in particular really demonstrated to us the power of the MicroCT, as we were able to view all aspects of the tiny creature's body in great detail, from the little hair-like protrusions on its leg, to the many octagonal shapes that make up its eyes.

On the left is a screenshot from the reconstruction computer that demonstrates the multiple views of a piece of scanned pottery. On the right is a screenshot of a scanned polar bear vertebrae. When viewing these scans in the actual software, the user would be able to rotate the object on screen, and would be able to manipulate the image to see an "inside-out" view through the object.

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