Friday, August 3, 2012

Our First MicroCT Videos

Our lab tech Zoe has produced two videos demonstrating different ways of viewing artifacts on the MicroCT scanner. The artifact seen in the two videos is a black bear carpal (a bone from the bear's paw) that shows evidence of either a past injury or of a pathology or disease that resulted in physical changes to the bear's bone. As you can see in the first video posted below, as with Sustainable Archaeology's 3D digitizers, objects scanned on the MicroCT can be rotated fully on-screen when using the reconstruction software. The second video demonstrates the unique (and really cool!) capability of the MicroCT to see all aspects of an artifact by "slicing" through the digital object - allowing us in this case to see the interior makeup of the bone. While we've shown off to some extent this ability to slice through materials via screen shots in previous blog posts, the video really demonstrates the ability to view artifacts from inside-out.

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