Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Canadian Archaeology Association Conference: Public Archaeology Day

In addition to the open house event hosted by Sustainable Archaeology and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology as part of the 2014 CAA conference held here in London, we also had the opportunity at the end of the conference to participate in a Public Archaeology day. Sponsored by the CAA conference, the public day featured free public lectures by Chris Ellis of Western University, Dana Poulton and Christine Dodd of D.R. Poulton and Associates Inc., and Ron Williamson of Archaeological Services Inc., as well as displays by local archaeologists and archaeological firms, the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, the DH Maker Bus, the Ontario Archaeological Society, and others. Sustainable Archaeology's table featured the ever popular Oculus Rift with the virtual recreation of the Lawson site, as well as a number of 3D printed objects.

Events such as the public day provide SA with an opportunity to interface with the public, to share what we are doing, and what we hope to accomplish. The Oculus Rift and the 3D prints offered sufficient "wow-factor" to draw people to the table, but conversations quickly evolved past the "wow" to very interesting discussions regarding how digital technologies can help make archaeological artifacts and data accessible beyond archaeologists, and beyond the facility itself. While SA is not intended to be a public facility in that we are not physically open to the public as a museum would be, our database will be publicly accessible once complete, and events such as the public day can help us to understand what the public would be interested in learning about, and interacting with.

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