Friday, May 20, 2011

Mobile shelving base

Spacesaver has started to install the base of the mobile shelving units onto the embedded tracks. Here you can start to see how the shelving will take shape. Each carriage has two motors that will power it, hooked up to controls at the end of the carriage. At the press of a button, the carriage will move to the left or the right and the lighting above the open isle will be triggered to go on. What you see here is only half the full length of an isle - you can see the tracks in the floor where the base will be laid down just in front of where this picture was taken. 
The stairs to the mezzanine and the mezzanine floor have been poured. The ramp and stairs in the hall adjoining the Museum and the Sustainable Archaeology facility have been poured. The doors are up. There has been a flurry of tradesmen and contractors on site this past week working on everything from electric hook-up, fire safety and security, to HVAC, plumbing and insulation. With just a little over a month left to substantial completion, there is still a lot to accomplish, but we're full steam ahead!

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