Friday, May 27, 2011

Shelving progress

It isn't just the shelving that's moving along now, although there has been significant progress on that front. Windows and doors are up in the facility. The mezzanine floor has been poured and is cured so the  mechanical room is being framed in (the prelude to our phone and internet connections being wired in). The facade windows on the exterior of the building have been placed - siding should start going up next week. We have several items of equipment under consideration and some already on order. 

Next week we look forward to introducing the facility to some of the neighbors who have had to deal with this construction for the past seven months, and we'll be fortunate enough to have a local member of City Council in attendance. We're down to our last projected month of construction now and it's starting to feel like it - we look forward to finally opening our doors in July!

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